Welcome to the Practice Mechanic, home of the Practice Takeover®, and one of the few dental practice management consulting firms with years of actual experience working in and managing a successful dental practice. Our philosophies and strategies come from that real world experience and offer real results.

Whether you are starting a new practice, buying an existing practice or need your systems, philosophies and goals updated in your own practice The Practice Mechanic can help. The rules have changed, the world has changed. Have you changed?

Typically our customers are experiencing some or all of the following:

  • Working harder or longer hours for the same or less income;
  • Lacking the energy and enthusiasm needed to run a successful business;
  • Staff issues such as high turnover, low production, low staff moral;
  • No or not enough New Patients entering the funnel each month;
  • Dentists that are either recent graduates or new owners;
  • Don’t have systems in place for recalls, treatment plan follow up, referral systems, etc.;
  • Don’t understand what all those reports mean, how to read them and what they mean to your practice and your income;
  • Don’t know where and how to market the practice successfully;
  • Have never negotiated a PPO fee;
  • Are operating at more than 45% overhead and expenses

The Practice Mechanic can assist with all of these things AND MORE! We offer in office training for both owners and staff, complete practice management consulting, business management, contract negotiations with suppliers and insurance companies, marketing consulting and services (including our own in-house direct mail center) as well as our Practice Takover®. Contact us today for a no-obligation analysis of your practice to see how The Practice Mechanic can help you grow your business.

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