Through its Coaching Solution, the Practice Mechanic provides both a sounding board and guidance for operations directors that can efficiently and effectively put their practice on the road to increased profit and growth.  We offer coaching for all members of your team, including owners, dentists, office managers, front desk and practice administrators, hygiene departments and assistants.  Our philosophy is one of team building and discovery.

We will assist you and your team in areas like goal setting, sales training, improving mindsets and motivation.  The Practice Mechanic has successfully instructed over 20,000 team members over the past 15 years and continues to generate cohesion and goal attainment among team members every day.

Our coaching services are custom designed and based on the needs of you and your practice.  We offer a combination of in-office, video chat and telephone meetings.  Meetings can be held monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.

Whether you are a new dentist searching for a practice to purchase, an experienced owner searching for ways to take your practice to the next level, or heading into retirement and seeking assistance transitioning the practice The Practice Mechanic is here to help guide you down the paths of your choice.

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