The Practice Mechanic provides extensive strategic consultative services that result in a roadmap to success. Our In Office Consulting Program offers your staff the ability to learn from one of our talented consultants with experience working in dental offices just like yours.
Our consulting process starts with completion of the questionnaire by the owner(s) and office staff followed by an extensive telephone interview to discuss our strategies and findings based on the questionnaire and discuss the goals of the office and owners. After an extensive analysis of all information gathered from the questionnaire and the telephone interview a planning meeting is scheduled with all of the owners, partners, office management team and spouses (as applicable). The goals are defined, business plan written and implementation begins.

The Practice Mechanic will spend a full year increasing your ROI by putting into place a series of systems to ensure smooth and efficient operations of your office. Some of these systems include:
• Recall System – Keep hygiene schedules full to provide continual funnel to the doctor chairs.
• Follow up System – Close a higher percentage of treatment plans increasing revenue from existing patients.
• Internal Marketing Systems – including your patient referral system and internal sales system.
• External Marketing Systems – branding, advertising, postcards, TV and radio commercials, networking opportunities. We teach you the difference between branding, marketing and advertising and help you achieve the results that you desire keeping the new patient funnel full.
• Collections System – ensure that you get paid for the work that you do by creating a simple and effective system starting at scheduling and continuing through 90+ days past due accounts.
• Appointment Replacement System – create a Quick Fill list to fill even last minute cancellations creating a natural and immediate increase in hygiene production and decreasing unproductive time for the hygiene department.
• Team Meeting System – regularly scheduled staff meetings are key to keep everyone walking the same path and heading in the same direction. Ensuring the meetings are productive and adhere to the required agenda are equally important and perhaps the hardest part of planning and running a successful staff meeting.

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