The Practice Mechanic is pleased to announce our newest practice management solution. The Practice Takeover® encompasses all of our practice management services into one fast paced, on-site, cost effective solution. Our consultants (one, two or three depending on the size of your practice) will come to your office for a two week period. During that two week period you and your staff will be trained on all aspects of managing and running your successful practice. Real world observations will be obtained, recommendations made and changes put into place to ensure that by the end of the second week of the on-site visit, your office is running as one seamless, well-oiled machine.

The Practice Takeover® process begins two weeks before the on-site visit. Once you contact our office, we will take immediate action, emailing you our series of questionnaires designed to gather all of the data that we will need to analyze your practice operations including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Profit and Loss Statements, Recall Systems, Collections Systems, Hygiene profitability and per hour production figures plus an additional 120 facets of your business. You may receive a number of phone calls or emails asking detailed questions during this discovery and analysis period.

The first two to three days will be dedicated to observations within the practice. While your practice operates as it normally does, our consultants will observe normal day to day operations of your entire staff including dentists, hygienists, assistants, front desk and office management staff. We will ask lots of questions to learn as much as we can about your practice’s operations. Dinner on the first night will be with all owners of the practice (and spouses as applicable). We will discuss your goals, both personal and professional, for the owners and the practice itself. Dinner the second night will be with the staff, WITHOUT owners. At the end of the final day of observation, we will meet with owners to discuss our recommendations and put a plan of action into place immediately.

The next two days will be spent introducing our plan of action to the staff. There will be a lot of changes and new systems that will be put into place and there will be many questions asked by everyone, staff, owners, dentists and our consultants. We will introduce our plan of action in a team setting, creating cohesion among the entire staff working towards the crucial Team Mentality. The first weekend will find your consultant(s) working to create easy to read flow charts for all systems within the office including insurance reimbursements (where applicable), new and existing patient treatment, perio treatments, etc. We will also be evaluating staff and making recommendations to owners regarding all of these things.

The entire second week will be spent training on all of the new systems within the office and honing all existing systems. Weak points will be strengthened and strong points will be accentuated creating one cohesive team all working towards one goal. Using daily reporting for both performance and financial goals, we monitor activity on a daily basis. Your lead consultant will conduct a weekly phone call with the owner(s) and office manager, and with staff as required. You will also have a bi-monthly video conference staff meeting with your lead consultant, alternating on the months that do not include an in office visit.

Our staff will remain on call 24/7 to answer questions that come up for you and your staff. The Practice Takeover ® also includes bi-monthly and annual reviews of systems, accounting and operations of the practice to ensure that your new systems are being used correctly and consistently so you and your office reach those goals that you have set. Our goal is to work to make you and your staff totally independent. We don’t want you to need our services for the rest of your career. We want to teach you to run your business on your own efficiently, affectively and profitably until the day YOU decide to retire.

The greatest feature of The Practice Takeover is that there is no monthly fee. Our service is offered at a percentage of net profit basis, meaning it is in everyone’s interest to grown the bottom line as quickly as possible. At this level of consulting, you gain access to ALL of our services offered, including our Marketing/Advertising department, OSHA and HIPAA Compliance and our Virtual Front Desk division. In addition you and your entire staff are invited to attend any of our Continuing Education Seminars offered through and you pay no admission fees, no matter how many of your employees attend.

Call out office today at 888-367-1322 or contact us for a no obligation consultation today.

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