Compliance with local, state and federal standards and guidelines is an important part of running any business. In the dental business we have two sets of guidelines that we must follow. OSHA and HIPAA were put into place to protect our staff, our patients and the owners. OSHA standards help us create a work environment free from hazards and to keep out most valuable resource, our staff, safe and healthy. The HIPAA guidelines were created to protect our patients’ health information in spoken, written and electronic format.

After years of seeing offices lose time and money due to ignorance of both OSHA and HIPAA Compliance, The Practice Mechanic decided that compliance was something that dental offices need to learn more about in an effort to ensure that we are following the rules. Everyone expects complete privacy and protection of their health information from a large hospital or their doctor, so why not expect the same from the dentist. Your patients deserve the same protection that you would expect. Your employees deserve the same safe work environment that you would want for your family, your friends and yourself.

The Practice Mechanic has spent years learning about the OSHA and HIPAA guidelines and requirements. We employ both OSHA-Authorized Outreach Trainers and Certified HIPAA Professionals to offer our clients complete peace of mind when dealing with OSHA and HIPAA. Every one of our compliance consultants has taught numerous continuing education seminars to dentists and their teams all over the country.

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