HIPAA Compliance is becoming an increasingly important topic in dental and medical offices around the country. With hacks and electronic invasions on the rise, it is in the best interest of all dentists to reduce their liabilities by conforming with the HIPAA requirements. Any office, whether using electronic charting or not, if claims are submitted electronically, must be in compliance. The Practice Mechanic is pleased to offer a complete HIPAA Compliance service to assist offices in beginning along the path to HIPAA compliance.

Our HIPPA Compliance service begins with a pre-inspection questionnaire that most dentists complete with the help of their IT professional. It contains questions about your network, your hardware, software and normal business practices. We use that information to identify areas of concentration during our first on site visit. During that visit our IT professionals will perform both on site and off site Vulnerability assessments, identifying any weaknesses or security threats that your network may have both from the inside and outside. We complete physical inspections of your entire network including routers, modems, firewalls, workstations and servers. The first on site visit lasts between 2 and 4 days, depending on the size of your network and office(s). We spend a few hours with the individuals who have been identified as your Privacy and Security officers discussing policies, procedures and sanctions. Once we have completed our onsite visit, we return to our office and begin reviewing the RAW data that we gathered during your Vulnerability assessment.

About two weeks after your on site, we will schedule a conference call to discuss the results of the vulnerability assessment with the owners, managers and their IT professionals. We will make suggestions on network changes and updates to ensure compliance and optimize your network security. At the conclusion of that phone call we will schedule another day to return to your office to present you with your new HIPAA Plans and Programs in writing and complete the required HIPAA policy training with your entire staff to ensure that they know the rules and requirements to maintain your office’s HIPAA compliance.

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