The Practice Mechanic’s goal is to provide assistance and management for every facet of your practice.  Keeping that goal in mind, the Practice Mechanic is proud to offer a full line of marketing services.  With over 25 years of experience in marketing and advertising The Practice Mechanic is able to provide any and all services that you need to keep new patients walking in your door and increase your bottom line.

The Practice Mechanic offers advertising and marketing services on a variety of levels custom designed for your practice to meet your specific goals.  We offer complete agency services including contract negotiations with media outlets, radio and TV commercial production, print and web design and we even have our own “In-house” direct mail department for mailing of postcards and letters at the discounted bulk rates.

The Practice Mechanic can actually save you money on your advertising rates.  By acting as your “Agency of Record” we are offered a 15% agency discount on every penny you spend.  In many of our Agency Service Level Agreements, this discount is passed straight on to you, saving you an immediate 15% on your advertising budget.  This 15% discount can either be reinvested in increased frequency, alternate media outlets, or placed directly on your bottom line.  The choice is yours!

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