Dentists all over the country find their front desk staff constantly bogged down by the daily mundane tasks that take precious minutes away from what should be their most important function, providing the patients with an excellent experience each and every time. The front desk staff that we speak with each day tell us of the countless hours spent on hold with insurance companies trying to verify insurance benefits, coverage amounts and histories. They tell us that it is impossible to accurately estimate treatment copays, often delaying treatment while they wait for insurance to return a pre-d. Did you know that a patient is 50% less likely to schedule treatment after they have left the office?

The Practice Mechanic is pleased to offer our clients our Virtual Front Office Service, which gives your front desk the time to concentrate on the immediate jobs like treatment plans presentation, fielding new patient phone calls and providing every patient with an amazing and unforgettable experience that they will want to tell all of their friends about! The Practice Mechanic is able to take over many of the time consuming functions that your front office team is currently doing like:

  • Following up on aging insurance claims
  • Patient eligibility, coverage and history verification
  • Entering insurance information directly into your system
  • Entering all fee schedules for insurance companies to ensure accurate billings
  • Making confirmation phone calls to reduce no shows and cancellations

Billing and claim submission including attachment verification best of all, there is no learning curve, no training expense, and no 401K or vacation days. Our team is made up of experienced individuals who have all worked in dental offices. They are a fast and efficient group who can complete these tasks without the interruptions of phone calls and patients. Our team integrates with your practice management software ensuring a smooth transition and no added hassle for your in-office team. You can relieve your team of these tasks each day and reduce stress at a fraction of the cost of hiring one employee in your office. Schedule a no-obligation phone consultation to discuss how you can save money, reduce stress and increase profits through The Practice Mechanic’s Virtual Front Office Team.

Corporate efficiency experts suggest the fastest way to increase productivity and reduce stress is to outsource at least one task per month. We give you the opportunity to outsource an entire year’s worth of assignments all at once and save money at the same time. Imagine a workforce that is faster and more accurate, dedicated to providing you with excellent service and increased profit, while costing a mere fraction of one in-office employee. Call today to schedule your no-obligation phone consultation to learn what we can do to help your office increase profits and reduce stress.

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